The Cavalier

This neighborhood dive bar, new to the East Side, prides itself on good food and a friendly atmosphere. The Cavalier’s laid-back ambience is reflected on two mirrors flanking the bar — posted on them in bold lettering are the house rules, “No Religion” and “No Politics.” And the bar’s motto, “You Be You,” is displayed on the bathroom doors. Owners Chadwick Leger and Rachelle Fox have worked in the Austin food scene for years, and they recently opened The Cavalier to have a spot of their own. The culinary influences of Leger, originally from Louisiana, and Fox, who grew up working at her father’s Caribbean restaurant here in Austin, can be seen throughout the bar. The menu has a Southern touch, but Fox’s Caribbean roots peek through in the dishes. Stop by for a draft zombie cocktail, jerk chicken wings or boudin balls.

2400 Webberville Rd.

Photography by Nathan Beels

What We're Cooking

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