Texas Hill Country Peach Season Is Here, Y’all!

Now through August (and September in some places), visitors of all ages can enjoy delicious peach offerings at Hill Country Fruit Council Member stands in Fredericksburg and Stonewall. The cool nights, sunny days and well-drained soils of Central Texas combine to create an environment near perfect for producing fresh, sweet peaches. Peach varieties currently available include, Flavorich, Carored, June Gold, Texking and Regal. During the peak of the season in mid-July, Loring and Dixieland peaches will be available along with other freestone varieties.


From pick-your-own to pre-picked offerings, the Hill Country Fruit Council members have a little something for everyone. And peaches aren’t the only thing Hill Country Fruit Council members have to offer! Visitors can also choose from variety of other fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here in the Texas Hill Country.   


For more information about membership listings, stand hours and directions, please visit texaspeaches.com. Additional information can also be found by calling (830) 997-8515 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you for supporting your local Hill Country Fruit Council members. We hope you enjoy peach season and all that it has to offer!


Writer: Sarah McConnell Photography: Patty Robertson 

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