15 Spring-Centric Recipes

Winter is officially over, and the vast bounty of spring is here! The farmers' market stands are full and so are our baskets, which left us wondering, what should we do with all of this spring produce? If you're stumped by what to cook as well, we've got you covered. Here are 15 recipes that include a variety of seasonal ingredients, ranging from beets to blackberries.


1. Roasted Carrots and Red Quinoa with Grilled Halloumi and Avocado

salad 2
Photography by Michelle Min

A truly hearty salad, this dish is the perfect way to use some seasonal carrots. If you're also looking for an on-the-go meal, the salad makes a perfect packable lunch.


2. Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

This recipe comes courtesy of Grae Nonas, the former co-executive chef at Olamaie, so you know it's good. Chock full of Sun Gold tomatoes and oh-so flavorful, the recipe lets one of the best flavors of spring shine.


3. Red Lentil and Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

potato soup
Photography by Lucinda Hutson

The colors in this eye-catching soup make it a big crowd pleaser, and it tastes great as well! Lucinda designed this dish to work with variations; for a creamier soup, mash up or blend those seasonal sweet potatoes.


4. Fresh Blackberry Cobbler

Photography by Toni Tipton-Martin

Of course, spring's produce lends itself to some delicious desserts as well. Fresh blackberries are amazing on their own, but in this cobbler, we dare to say they may taste even better.


5. Crispy Salad with Merguez Sausage and Kefir-Harissa Dressing

kale salad
Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Kale is in abundance right now, and Erin Wade of Vinaigrette knows just what to do with it. This salad features spicy sausage, but the flavor is cooled down by the cucumber also in the dish - a perfect combination.


6. Comforting Tomato Soup

spencer soup
Photography by Kate LeSueur

Any recipe that calls for four large tomatoes is welcome this time of year, particularly when it's a meal that's as tasty as this one. Though Austin's spring days may be warm, the evenings are still chilly enough to require a comforting bowl of soup, and this one perfectly hits the spot.


7. Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Candied Kumquats

mashed taters
Photography by Jody Horton

Though this recipe was created for a Thanksgiving meal, we think the sweet potato-centric dish deserves to be eaten during warmer times of the year as well. We're nearing the end of kumquat season for now, so be sure to make the recipe with local ingredients while you still can!


8. Strawberry Basil Shrub

Photography by Alison Narro

Strawberries are back in season, and we couldn't be happier about it! This delicious drink is a fabulous way to use the seasonal fruit and give it a fun, bubbly twist.


9. Creole Chaurice

Photography by Jenna Northcutt

This sausage dish calls to be served with kale that is sautéd with olive oil and white wine. Though the meat may not be seasonal, this recipe proves that when paired with the right spring ingredients, the flavors in the sausage can become that much better.


10. Fresh Spring Peas with Chives and Minty “Ranch” Dressing

pea salad
Photography by Melanie Grizzel

An awesomely simple and completely delicious dish, this salad takes the flavor of spring peas to a new level. Plus, ranch lovers can try out a healthier twist with the dressing featured in this recipe.


11. Beet Lentil Veggie Burgers

Photography by Knoxy

These burgers are an awesome seasonal substitute for their meat counterparts. Pile the beet-based patties high with your favorite toppings, and dig in!


12. Savory Dogsicles

Photography by Alison Narro

Who said pets can't enjoy seasonal ingredients too? These popsicles have been a hit with every pup to try them so far, and they're a great way to share some of your spring carrots.


13. Golden Creamy Cauliflower Soup

cauliflowr soup
Photography by Jote Khalsa

As far as comfort food goes, it's hard to beat a great creamy soup. Featuring both carrots and cauliflower, this dish combines two great flavors of the season.


14. Chocolate Beet Cake

beet cake
Photography by Jody Horton

Beets and chocolate go hand-in-hand, and what better excuse to eat dessert than cooking with seasonal ingredients. With the recipe's addition of strawberries to the pair, we don't think this cake could get any better.


15. Peach and Arugula Herb Salad

peach salad
Photography by Jody Horton

Peach season is approaching, so save this salad for late spring! We can't wait to eat this dish that perfectly combines the flavors of two of our favorite seasonal crops.

Compiled by Darby Kendall