It's Never Been More Important to Support Local Business

Coronavisrus fears are causing havoc to the world's economy. Just as bad, it is also making a huge negative impact on our local businesses.

Wunderkeks, a local Austin cookie company that we featured in our March/April issue, made 25,000 cookies for a SXSW event that was cancelled. Now thanks to an amazing grassroots effort, people from around the world are reaching out to buy their delicious cookies for a discount price of three cookie jars for just $25! (they're normally $36) We promoted their #survivingSXSW campaign on our social media and website and other local media have helped, as well.

WSJMost importantly, local people shared their story wth all of their friends through word-of-mouth. In less than a week, their story was picked up by the Wall Street Journal (pictured left) and now Vanity Fair. This happened all thanks to people who wanted to help them. (and eat great cookies, too)

UPDATE: Incredibly, in one week, due to the efforts of people all around the world, they have sold out of all of their cookies and are making new ones!

You can order your cookies here.

Please send us the names of Central Texas businesses that need our help right now and we will help spread the word. email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It's going to take all of us working together to get through this. It helps when you live in a community with as much heart as Central Texas.

Thanks. Stay strong and #supportlocal