Bobbie Nelson

By Robin Chotzinoff
Photography by Marc Brown

About the worst thing Bobbie Nelson would say about another cook—and she’s not one to fling insults—is “sometimes she’d get in a hurry.” Still, after nearly 40 years of cooking for herself and her brother Willie during a seemingly endless concert tour, she understands the kitchen time crunch. “We travel hard—almost all the time. And we don’t eat what the rest of the band eats,” she says.

Holiday Punch

Story and Photography By Lucinda Hutson

’Tis the season to be jolly and time for a cup of good cheer. How about some festive holiday punch? But unlike the cloying, concentrated fruit juice and ginger ale punch-bowl concoctions that revelers dread, my cranberry punch is brimming with fresh slices of seasonal Texas oranges, whole kumquats and crab apples and chunks of quince, green apples, pears and more.

Ruby jewels of pomegranate seeds and cranberries add color and texture, while cinnamon sticks and jamaica (dried hibiscus flowers) further enhance flavors. 

East Side Pies


After you’ve wrapped up a weekend tour of farmers markets, and both your afternoon and your stomach are feeling empty, do yourself a favor and head east. Nestled next to a poster-bombed record store, just out of sight from the prying eyes of the skyline, the pizza-making mothership of East Side Pies (ESP) has set down its anchor. Hop in the line and pray that at least one slice of their farm-to-table pizza is still available. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, ESP co-owners Michael Freid and Noah Polk hit the farmers markets with a sense of creative culinary enthusiasm.

The Dirt On John Dromgoole

Interview By Laura McKissack
Photography by Marc Brown

John Dromgoole has been Austin’s iconic organic-gardening guru and radio personality for the last 30-odd years. His business, The Natural Gardener—located in Oak Hill on Old Bee Caves Road—continues to grow steadily, and people from all over Texas and points beyond frequently seek him out for advice on everything from growing a healthy tomato to choosing quality gardening tools. We sat down with him recently to find out a little more about the man behind the mission.

By the Book

By Shannon Oelrich

Imagine cooking a complex recipe—one you’ve never made before. Everything’s prepped and ready, but you decide to check the recipe one more time. In your mind’s eye, are you checking it on a laptop, on a smartphone or in a cookbook? If you thought “cookbook,” you’re not alone. The Internet has a preponderance of electronic content related to food—seemingly all a person could need.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Thanks to everyone one who helped us celebrate our Edible Austin Fifth Anniversary! Here's a video commemorating the past 5 years. 


Special thanks to Third Coast Activist and Paul Toohey of Placeslost

Bakery Lorraine

By Sharon Armstrong
Photography by Marks Moore Photography

On an early September morning in San Antonio, the rain comes down in sheets. It streams down gutters and bounces off the line of umbrellas stretching down the sidewalk as pastry fans wait patiently to celebrate the grand opening of Bakery Lorraine’s new permanent location. When the door finally opens, customers are instantly surrounded by a whirl of conversation and throngs of color, the inviting fragrances of rich chocolate, lavender, sugar and coffee and that rarest and most beautiful buzz of all: imminent satisfaction. 

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