At Last-Egg Creams, Gobstoppers, Soda Jerks

Brandon Hodge enjoys a cold Dr. Pepper just twice a month, in the old-fashioned belief that “soft drinks are meant to be a treat.” His position on Snicker Bars? Bypass enjoyment; proceed directly to reverence.

“Something that precious,” Hodge says, “is to be treated with respect.”

Opening his Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress Avenue this June allows Hodge to indulge his candy mania and expand beyond it, to a soda fountain complete with egg creams—made with Fox’s U-Bet kosher-for-Passover chocolate syrup, and prepared by authentic soda jerks. 

“There’s more candy in here than God ever intended to be in one place at one time,” Hodge says proudly. “Imagine a museum of candy with dark, mahogany walls.”

Imagine a photograph of Hodge and Teddy Roosevelt on safari, sitting on a giant Jelly Belly they’ve just shot—using a gun that shoots Gobstoppers.

 “It’s a big top, a freak show, a place you’ll think has been around since the 1800s,” Hodge says.

Zero Bar, anyone? Abba-Zabba? Bit-O-Honey?