To the Rescue

If Elizabeth Winslow isn’t familiar with the daily frazzle of a working family, no one is.

“My husband and I were running a restaurant when we started having children,” she remembers, “and the hours were insane. I knew I couldn’t keep doing it. But I also knew I had to find a way to keep doing the part I liked best, which was cooking.”

The solution turned out to be the home-cooked delivery business known as Dish a Licious.

Now: imagine your worst possible workday, throw in a 45-minute traffic jam in a downpour, add a soupçon of cranky child and a letter from the IRS. But now picture this: Elizabeth Winslow pulls up in her minivan and unloads coolers, each full of dinner. All you have to do is set the table. 

“I usually go to the farmers market and start there,” she says. “I make it very seasonal and a little bit homey, but also a little bit beyond what most people would have time to pull together. Primarily, it’s healthy, family food. You’ll like it and your kids will like it, even if they don’t know they’re going to like it.”

Adults are easier to please. Thanks to a recent partnership with Wiggy’s Liquor, Dish a Licious customers can now also order wine with dinner, selecting from pairings designed daily by Wiggy’s owner Tim Kutach. Best of all, there’s no markup or delivery charge.

“You’re exhausted,” Elizabeth says. “Why should you have to pick it up yourself?”

Information and orders at or 512-529-8569.