Lamb Burgers Sans Bun

by Lucinda Hutson

A succulent lamb patty, lightly seared on the kitchen griddle or outdoor grill and placed atop a fresh-from-my-garden salad brimming with tender greens, snippets of aromatic herbs, crisp veggies and edible flowers, sings of springtime…though I love the dish year-round. And this bun-less burger is nutritious, pretty on the plate and easy to make!

What makes my recipes for lamb burgers so tasty are all of the surprises found tucked within each patty, such as little morsels of feta or manchego cheese, garlic, spices and zesty herbs. Compose each salad on a plate garnished with sprigs of parsley, mint and nasturtiums or other springtime edible flowers, plus optional chunks of fruit or crunchy nuts and seeds. Pass the dressing at the table, or for a crowd, toss the salad and dressing in a large bowl before plating.

These lamb burgers make perfect party fare (think meatballs or sliders). Consider a buffet where guests choose from a variety of salad ingredients and dressings, with the patties served warm from a platter. Simply adjust the Master Lamb Burger recipe and salads with these variations that follow.