Greenling's Local Box

Backyard gardens aren’t always easy to come by—and neither is time for tending crops. Enter the concept of the organic vegetable delivery service. Each week, subscribers receive an e-mail notification of which crops are in season, check off their preferences, and receive a box of mixed produce.

Last year, Jon Duffy and Mason Arnold of Greenling Organic Delivery kicked their box service up a notch—offering their customers an all-local box option.

“We had a big interest in sustainability, which is a big buzzword right now,” Duffy says. “Local organic produce was an easy way to jump in.”

Offering a mix of ever-changing contents from a large spectrum of local farmers is key, Duffy says. Imagine, for instance, a July 4th banquet of peaches, berries, sunflower sprouts, micro-greens, jalapeños, melon, dill and squash. All organic, and all from a 150-mile radius of Austin and the Hill Country.

For more on Greenling’s local box and organic home delivery, visit or call 512-440-8449.