A Local Winter Brew

At first glance, Real Ale’s Coffee Porter, a seasonal release made with a hint of Katz’s Shade Grown Coffee, seems like a deal made in heaven. A caffeine burst and the relaxation of a deeply dark winter beer—all in the same glass?

Well, maybe.

“The amount of caffeine is negligible, even though you get that little bit of dry-roasted coffee flavor,” says Real Ale’s Gabriel Gregerman. “I would say the advantage is psychological, unless you’re very sensitive.”

If you’re very thirsty, on the other hand, Real Ale’s Coffee Porter, with its slightly higher alcohol content and robust flavor, pairs beautifully with barbecue, burgers and other meaty, manly food. That’s what makes it a seasonal beer—winter was made for such menus. “But it’s also a nice after-dinner drink,” Gregerman says. “Again, because of that coffee flavor.”

In partnering with Katz’s, Real Ale has done a nice job of making a truly local beer—and, like all micro-batches of local treats, it won’t last forever. Available only as a draft beer, and more in bars and restaurants than liquor stores, Real Ale Coffee Porter will be gone by the time Central Texas switches back to daylight savings time. 

Real Ale’s tasting room welcomes visitors each Friday from 2 to 5 p.m., with a brewery tour at 4 p.m. For more info on Real Ale beers, including availability at retail outlets, bars and restaurants, call 830-833-2534 or go to realalebrewing.com .