'Tis the Season

By David Alan
Photography by Jenna Noel

If tipsy were a season, it would be winter. Yet with so many beverages to enjoy and so few months of cold weather in Austin, it can prove challenging to give each potable the appropriate attention and savoring it deserves. Here’s how to get started. 

Chilly weather favors more spirit-driven cocktails. In the heat of summer, a classic Manhattan doesn’t offer much in the way of refreshment, but on a nippy night it hits the spot.

Practicality plays a role here, too—libations such as Martinis and Manhattans are meant to be served as cold as possible, and do not fare well in the brutal summer heat.

Hearty cocktails with eggs and cream seem more appealing when the temperature drops as well. The Sherry Flip comes to mind—it’s a descendant of Sack Posset, a thick, custard-like beverage derived from cooked cream, eggs and sweet wine that was popular during colonial times. Or hop aboard a Golden Sleigh—a holiday variation on the Golden Cadillac that swaps eggnog for cream.

Lastly, there are the crowd-pleasing punches like classic eggnog or spice-infused Tom & Jerry, and the soul-soothing hot drinks—everything from a little pinch of Cognac in coffee to an elaborately prepared pitcher of Adult Hot Chocolate.

’Tis the season to be chilly, tipsy and jolly! But hurry. The chill won’t last long.