J.Fisher Interiors



Distinctive pieces for discerning clients.

When Jennifer Fisher has finished a project, she feels satisfied knowing that no one else will have the same design. “That’s what I strive for,” she says—and it’s also what she’s known for. In just two years, J.Fisher Interiors has built a reputation for providing some of the best interior design in Austin—bringing more than 12 years of experience in the industry, including training in Los Angeles under two of the top 25 interior designers in the country. Since moving to Austin, Fisher has offered her talents to the city’s homeowners—especially those who desire eclectic, modern spaces filled with distinct pieces. Fisher’s knack for reading people helps her connect with her clients and their needs for the space; ensuring each room is comfortable, unique, and most importantly reflects the originality of the client. While Fisher admits she can excel in traditional design, her strength lies in combining vintage and modern pieces with clean architecture and decorative arts to design a home that is truly one of a kind. 


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