Growing Sentiments

The Chandler and Price letterpress in Shannon Lowry’s backyard studio has been working hard for nearly 100 years, while the seeded paper she uses in her line of hand-printed greeting cards is a more recent phenomenon—only about 10 years old, she says. The delightful idea of imbedding handmade paper with wildflower or herb seeds made immediate sense to her, both as an artist and an entrepreneur. Who wouldn’t want to send a note that could be read—then planted?

“It’s a sustainable business,” Shannon says. “Even if all my cards don’t get planted, I imagine them blooming in a landfill.”

Shannon began imprinting seeded paper note cards with her trademark retro/modern designs only two years ago, but they quickly traveled to more than a hundred retail outlets and countless more mailboxes. The time was right.

“Growing up, I never wrote thank you notes or anything like that,” she says, “but now it does seem nice and important to me. People are really appreciative of a handwritten note.”

Especially one that can be covered with 1/8 inch of good soil, kept moist and turned into a more natural, but no less impressive, work of art.

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