Publisher's Note

“Eating is an agricultural act.”
—from “The Pleasures of Eating” from What Are People For? by Wendell Berry

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot be more grateful that Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson are coming to town to lend their presence to our Fifth Annual Edible Austin Eat Drink Local Week on Sunday, December 4.

One of the most influential and beloved voices of environmental stewardship in America, Wendell Berry has written about our relationship with the land in every possible literary form—poetry, fiction and essays. He is the farmer who planted the seed five decades ago that feeds the local food movement. A caring critic of American culture, he challenges us to define our relationship with the world from which food comes and to find our conscious place within it. The pleasure of eating—and life itself—depends on it.

Wes Jackson founded The Land Institute more than 30 years ago as a resource for research to “work on the problem of agriculture.” Their mission statement says it all:

When people, land, and community are as one,
all three members prosper;
when they relate not as members
but as competing interests,
all three are exploited.
By consulting Nature as the source
and measure of that membership,
The Land Institute seeks to develop an agriculture
that will save soil from being lost or poisoned
while promoting a community life at once
prosperous and enduring.

When our evening show sold out within hours, Berry and Jackson agreed to do a second, matinee show for us. That generosity of spirit defines them.

Please join us for a week of celebrating local food—the people, creatures and ecologies that feed us and create our vibrant food culture in Central Texas.