Fall 2007

Edible Austin Fall 2007 CoverWe have beautiful products in Central Texas, especially on the seam of the two seasons that coincides with Thanksgiving. Winter squash and lettuces are available, but tomatoes aren’t out of the question, either. Persimmons and apples are easy to find, and, with a little ingenuity, you can arrange for ducks, turkeys, pheasants and doves (think of them as little turkeys.) There’s no need to use words like “bounty” or “cornucopia”—just take a look around and see what’s growing, swimming or flying.

Our Thanksgiving menu reflects what’s available now and here. If you’re a traditionalist, mix a few new dishes in with your old favorites. Either way, I don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate.

Also, Honor the Animal with Hugh Fitzsimmons as he field harvests his bison with compassion and grace. And learn about Brenton Johnson who started a garden in his backyard and now has a thriving CSA. 



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Notable Edibles

Leaning Pear Café & Eatery. 
Chef Melissa DeLeon.
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill.
St. Elias Mediterranean Festival.
Barr Mansion.
AMOA’s Austin Museum Day.
Wimberley Pie Company.
Urban Roots.


Grazing America comes to Texas.

Market Place

Royal Blue Grocery.
By Andrea Vanscoy

Edible Endeavors

Meal Deals on Wheels
Claudia Alarcón takes us on a culinary tour.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Lucinda Hutson’s guide to flavors.


Lewis Dickson’s Best Case Yet
Making wine the traditional way in Central Texas.
By Dorsey Barger

Organic Kids

School Lunches
What’s a parent to do to pack a healthy lunch these days?

Edible Endeavors

Honoring the Animal
Hugh Fitzsimmons field harvests his bison with compassion and grace. By Robin Chotzinoff

Road Trip

What to do in Marathon.
By Claudia Alarcón

Cooking Fresh

Recipies for a Local Thanksgiving Feast
Grow your own salad and learn how to prepare an all-seasonal menu.
By Jesse Griffiths, Jessica Maher

Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Feast

By Susan Cashin

Department of Organic Kids

The 60-Day Salad


Coping with holiday cooking disasters.
By Mady Kaye

Backyard Gardens

The Garden that Grew
Brenton Johnson started in his backyard and now has a thriving CSA.
By Betsy Levy

Farmer’s Diary

Tomato-tying time.
By Jo Dwyer

Edible Nation

Dinner parties on the front lines.
By Anna Lappé


Cast iron manifesto.
By Todd Duplechan

What I Eat and Why

Channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder.
By Louise Ducote

Herbal Wisdom

Gardening Inside the Box
Planting your fall “farmacy.”
By Ellen Zimmermann

Homegrown Gourmet

Bridget Weiss’ guide to good behavior.

Adventures in Eating

A blind date with French sorrel.
By Katherine Tanney

The Forager

Eat Wild
By Amy Crowell