Summer 2008

Edible Austin Summer 2008 Cover350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 to sustain life as we know it on the planet. It’s the number that could define our future.

When you consider that we’re already at 385 parts per million, according to data presented by scientists at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco last December, now is the time to start paying attention and 350 is the number not to beat.

When author (The End of Nature, Deep Economy), educator and grassroots organizer Bill McKibben visited town this March, Austin Green Art founder Randy Jewart hosted a roundtable discussion with Bill and a roomful of Austin’s sustainability crowd. McKibbon, who also founded Step It Up 2007, which organized hundreds of rallies in support of curbs on carbon emissions, explained his latest project—the 350 Campaign (, an international undertaking aimed at further raising awareness about global warming. Bottom line, we all need to do our part or we’re all gonna die, as in global death.

So we’re introducing a new department in our magazine: Edible 350. Read our 350 story by Helen Cordes on embracing the concept of zero waste (page 26) and making art out of trash. Check out the new Eco-resources on our website that source everything from compostable food packaging to environment-friendly household and garden products. Make a small (or large) change in your life and know that it will have a powerful and possibly planet-saving ripple eff ect, especially when you influence others to do the same.

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Notable Edibles

Thyme Out Café’s garden, Whip In, Country Vista Residential Care Home, San Miguel Seafood, BioGardeners, Round Robin Press.

Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market.

Melting Pot

Just Shoot Me
David Cater and LeAnn Billups farm edible bamboo at their Utility Research Garden.

Mr. Smarty Plants revealed.

Michelle Schreiber cultivates health.

Root Causes #1
Sam Hurt’s comic strip debuts.

Department of Organic Kids

The Future of Food
Market kids learn entrepreneurial and life skills at the farmers markets.

Edible Traditions
Saving Texas heritage foods.

Edible 350
Bag the Bags, Whack the Waste
Reduce, reuse and embrace the zero waste movement. Make art not trash.

Edible Nation
A Parting Conversation with M.F.K. Fisher
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of M.F.K. Fisher’s birth.

Back of the House
Random Acts
Onion Creek Kitchens’ Sibby Barrett guides the making of a local feast.

Cooking Fresh
The Joys of Pickling
Out of the cellar and into the light—pickling is the new craze.

Tipsy Texan
David Alan quenches your thirst.

La Casita de Buen Sabor
Lucinda’s favorite herbal vinegars

Seasonal Muse
Larry’s pickled green tomatoes

Road Trip
Explore the Hill Country North.

What I Eat and Why
Revenge...served with figs.

Herbal Wisdom
Steeped in wellness.

In Your Own Backyard
Cecilia Nasti’s tips for lightening up.

Homegrown Gourmet
Surviving summer in the city.

What's in Season

Art de Terroir
Kim Lane and Stella Alesi