Fall 2008


We are excited to support a local initiative called Citizen Foodie, spearheaded by Brandi Clark, Austin’s dynamic grassroots-community activist (she is chair of the board for Austin CarShare, sustainability officer for the proposed, socially and environmentally-responsible One Earth Bank and Austin Eco Network founder, to name just a few of her endeavors). The Citizen Foodie program, a re-imagining of the post–World War II victory gardens, is inspired in part by L.A.-based eco-artist Fritz Haeg’s international edible-front-yard project embraced by Austin earlier this year. It is currently being developed in conjunction with an impressive slate of local nonprofit food and gardening organizations and businesses. This initiative aims to exponentially increase the amount of private and public land used for organic and sustainable food cultivation in our area, making nutritious, local food more readily available to all.

And, because this is an election season, and because we as individuals can collectively make a big impact on how our food future plays out, please consider the power of your vote and honor its voice. Vote with your fork!


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Notable Edibles
Hosteria Verde, Texas Pie Kitchen, Plantucopia, Thai Fresh.

Lover of Cheese
Cathy Strange, global cheese buyer for Whole Foods Market, is passionate about cheese.

The Business of All
Enoteca Vespaio uses it all in their kitchen and market.

Adventures in Eating
Thinking outside the CSA box.

Edible 350
Meals on two wheels. 

Secrets of Salt
Explore the most universal condiment in the pantry.

Root Causes #2
Adventures in the root world continue.

La Casita de Buen Sabor
Lucinda Hutson sets a meze table.

Department of Organic Kids
Ramona Sever's thoughts on bento boxes. 

Return of the Natives
Texas winemakers discover why growing native grapes makes sense.

What I Eat and Why
Cecilia Nasti remembers meals past.

Farmer’s Diary
Countryside Farms. 

The soul of the kitchen.
*Correction Todd Duplechan's knife is a deba not chef's knife.

Cooking Fresh
A Thanksgiving Supper
Simplify the feasting this Thanksgiving with a meal you can make ahead.

Tipsy Texan
Fall cocktails.

Iliana de la Vega.

Road Trip
Falling for Marble Falls
Discover endless treats in Marble Falls.

Seasonal Plate
Primizie Osteria’s Lamb and Quail Duet.

What I Drink and Why
Sam Martin on being a beer snob. 

Eat Wild
Prickly pears.

In Your Own Backyard
Travis County Master Gardeners Association.

Ask the Permie Pro
Permaculture guru Dick Pierce answers.

Seasonal Muse
Carol Ann Sayle on fall gardening.

Homegrown Gourmet
Loving Austin in the fall.

Art de Terroir
Jane Horning.