Winter 2009

winter2009coverWinter Growing Season

And remember that right here in Central Texas, at the start of our winter growing season, we can go to our farmers markets and buy jalepeno peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, all kinds of greens, nuts, root vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower and squashes—a real bounty of fresh food for the holidays!

Make sure to check out our 3rd Annual Eat Local Week—December 5-12. Local restaurants will be sourcing local items for their menus as well as many great events that feature local food artisans.

Cover: Hanukkah Sufganiyot (jelly doghnuts) recipe by Jessica Maher.
Photograph by Jody Horton.

Publisher’s Note

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Notable Edibles

Gaya organic Mexican Vanilla, South Congress Chevron, Thunder Heart Bison, Texas State University's Bobcat Blend and composting programs.


Dai Due Butcher Shop

Edible Pocketbook

The Myth of more


A spirited Woman

Paula Angerstein takes on the spirit world with her handcrafted orange and lemon liqeurs.

Edible Policy

A Raw Deal

A look into the policies regulating access to raw milk. 

Edible Food Service


Farmers Diary

A Breed Apart

Uncompromised quality and innovation hallmarks of Twin County Dorpers Ranch.

Behind the Vines

Sandstone Cellars Winery. 

Cooking Fresh

Sweet Holiday Delights

Revamping old holiday favorites.

Back of the House

Asti Trattoria

Glimpses behind the line at Asti.

Melting Pot

Limerick—Frazier House: Sweet to the soul

This historic landmark is transformed into a hub for African American culinary history.

Seasonal Plate

Paggi House.

Tipsy Texan

Have a merry modern holiday.

Root Causes

Plotting to take over the yard.

Permie Pro

Perfecting your armchair gardening.

Seasonal Muse

Deconstructing broccoli.

Department of Organic Kids

Thank you, farm.

In Your Own Backyard

Thai from plot to plate

Incorporate a bit of centuries-old Thai culinary tradition into your garden.

What I Eat and Why

Garlic soup for health.


Lisa Fain makes Great-Grandma's candy.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Lucinda's Flan Famoso.

Eat Wild

Winter nuts.

Art de Terroir

David Bates at Austin Museum of Art.