Summer 2010

summer2010cover3rd Anniversary

This summer marks the anniversary of our third year of publishing Edible Austin. Three years doesn’t seem like such a very long time, but it certainly feels like much has changed in our local food world. Three summers ago, there were farmers markets in Austin just two days of the week (Wednesday and Saturday). Now you can shop for fresh, locally grown food five days a week—and in many more convenient locations around Austin and Central Texas.

More restaurants are touting local specials and even all-local menus. And asking what’s local on a menu or where the fish comes from doesn’t raise as many eyebrows as it used to. There are now local farm-to-plate home delivery services and more urban farms, with accompanying farm stands, sprouting up within our city limits. And some farms are expanding! Finally, in contemplating all that’s happened over the past three years, here’s a shout-out to Edible Austin founding Advisory Group member and Eastside Café co-owner Dorsey Barger, who’s now got herself a farm.

ABOUT THE COVER Peaches awaiting a summertime grill in a West Austin outdoor kitchen. Photograph by Jody Horton.

Editor's Note: In our article Zen and the Art of Junk Maintenance (Summer, 2010), we incorrectly referred to the late Robert Ogden as John Ogden. We regret the error, and apologize to the Ogden family for the oversight.

Publisher’s Note

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