Spring 2011

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Now’s the time to order your bees, especially if you have fruit trees that will be blooming soon. Hives can be hosted in school gardens, church gardens, community gardens and, of course, in your own backyard (or your neighbor’s). Local urban farmers are already hip to this. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that it’s the new food trend in Austin. Honey with your home-grown vegetables and eggs?

Be sure to read Marla's publishers note below to read more about her new entry into the world of beekeeping.

ABOUT THE COVER The knife featured on the cover of the Spring issue was originally passed down to Uchi/Uchiko chef/owner Tyson Cole by his mentor Takehiko "Smokey" Fuse, chef/owner of Musashino, some 30 years ago. Originally, Cole's main knife, it has been passed down from sushi chef to sushi chef throughout Cole's career and now serves as the Snapper filet knife for the sushi chef's at Uchiko. Note the knotch in the heel of the blade where repeated breaking of snapper and salmon backbones has knicked away the blade overtime. Photograph by Marshall Wright. 

Publishers Note

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