Summer 2011

EdibleAustin18-Cover-webIt must be raining somewhere...

Rain is part of the hydrologic cycle of energy that we call "weather." As water evaporates from the surface of our earth, it must just as assuredly fall, somewhere.

And there are pauses in the cycle. There are dry cycles and wet cycles.

But timing is everything when your livelihood depends on water falling back to earth to grow the crops that feed your family and nourish your business when your business is farming. May marked the seventh month of the driest seven-month period on record for Central Texas over the past 150 years. As frustrating as it is to watch the home garden wither and the ants crawling out of the woodwork in search of moisture, nothing can compare to what a farmer goes through in periods of drought. It makes the hard work of farming harder.

What can we do to help our local food producers weather these periods of uncertainty? Buy your food directly from the farms and farmers markets. They need your support and your food dollars more than ever. The berries may be smaller (but no less sweet!) and the peaches may not be as plentiful, but there will be food to buy and it will be delicious.


Pulled pork sandwich from Franklin Barbecue (page 81). Photograph by Marshall Wright. Photograph by Marshall Wright.


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