Winter 2011


"Eating is an agricultural act"
- from “The Pleasures of Eating” from What Are People For? by Wendell Berry

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot be more grateful that Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson are coming to town to lend their presence to our Fifth Annual Edible Austin Eat Drink Local Week on Sunday, December 4.

One of the most influential and beloved voices of environmental stewardship in America, Wendell Berry has written about our relationship with the land in every possible literary form—poetry, fiction and essays. He is the farmer who planted the seed five decades ago that feeds the local food movement. A caring critic of American culture, he challenges us to define our relationship with the world from which food comes and to find our conscious place within it. The pleasure of eating—and life itself—depends on it. 

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Southern Bicuit Muffins. Photograph by Knoxy.


Notable Edibles

NurturMe, Bake a Wish, in.gredients 



Joaquin Avellan follows in his father's footsteps with Dos Lunas Cheese.

Edible Cooperative

Red Rabbit Bakery.


David Kogan.

Edible Ecology


Discover the obtainable, ample, healthful and beautiful food in our own backyard.

Edible Imbibables

Lara Nixon's bitters

Bad Dog Bar Craft launches Texas' first line of locally produced, organic bitters.

Texas Oyster Appelations

What's in a name?

Edible Foodways

A Mess of Greens.

Edible Brew

craft beer crusaders

Texas craft brewers work together to convert beer drinkers to craft label enthusiasts.

San Saba Pecans

trEASURE along the banks

Pecans grow deep roots in Texas.

Cooking Fresh

sugared. a short history of sugar in texas

Sugar's long, strange trip to Texas.

Edible Destinations

Marfa, a bounty in the deset.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Winter soup. 

Edible Gardens

Houses of green.

Behind the Vines

Bending Branch Winery.

What I Eat and Why

What is important.

Root Causes

Burst forth.

Seasonal Muse

Fava time.


Benjamin Baker.

Seasonal Plate

Noble Pig.

Eat Wild

'Tis the wild seasonings.

Tipsy Texan

Winter cocktails.

Social Cooking

Tales from a supper club.

Department of Organic Youth

Urban Roots rap 

Back of the House


Art de Terroir

Two Takes on One Space: Lauren Fensterstock and Steve Wiman