Fresh 2016

EdibleAustin-44-CoverThe Fresh Issue

We use the word “fresh” a lot around here, it’s true—there’s not a single issue of Edible Austin without it. In our work, “fresh” is most often used to describe food, and rightfully so—it is our most compelling raison d’être. But with this issue, we’d like to expand our application of “fresh” to more than just food. We want to also focus on fresh concepts, solutions, directions—to the many questions and ideas introduced to our particular playing field that are met with a “yes” and then move forward to become reality, taking us with them. Fresh ideas from this issue include retooling classic Southern fare for a new palate (page 38), cleansing the skin with a surprising (though thoroughly ancient) ingredient (page 48), marveling at the collision of Texas wine and beer cultures (page 16) and finding inspiration in tragedy (page 18).

Of course, we also chose to debut Fresh now because this time of year invites change (this is the first time I’ve written the note for this page, for example). We eagerly look for, and await, new paths. And why not? The view from here is spectacular, isn’t it? It stretches for countless, forgiving miles to an end that is barely perceivable...a blurry pinprick on the horizon. The door of possibility is propped wide and the road ahead paved with yeses. In this and subsequent issues of Fresh, we’ll celebrate, and shine the spotlight on, the yes-takers and yes-makers among us—those who build with trust and leap without a net, the people and ideas that challenge us to consider food and life just a little differently. Do these things have the ability to change the world? Yes, and…

…welcome to Fresh.

ABOUT THE COVER: Kristi Spark's "more salt" tattoo by Alison Narro.

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FRESH features

sardines2 On Down the Chain

Try fish a few links down the food chain.

chef1 The Mark of a Chef
Wearing your favorite ingredient on your sleeve.



foodtransform Food Transformer
Virginia Willis lightens up your southern favorites.



naturaloil A Natural Clean
Rediscover the benefits of cleansing with oils.



fuku1 Back of the House
Fukumoto Sushi and Yakitori Izakaya.



Notable Edibles
Spreading the Love
The Bitter Beginning
Culture Collision

Turning Tragedy.

farmers DIARY
Tecolote Farm.

behind THE VINES
New world / old world.

what we're DRINKING
With fresh.

edible NATION
Chef Colicchio–out of the kitchen and into food policy.

hip girl's guide to HOMEMAKING
Eating her curds and whey.