Outdoor 2017

small outdoor coverThe Outdoor Issue

In this issue, you'll find stories on an innovative seed company, iconic local trees and an exceptional garden; we embrace all things natural in the Outdoor Issue! Beyond respect for the Earth’s ability to grow the food we need and provide the environment that sustains us, there is a deeper, more soulful connection between us and the great outdoors: one that gives us solace and balance. Let’s come together to celebrate and protect the abundance of life-sustaining energy that our planet offers in every way we can, with all our heart and soul.

ABOUT THE COVER: Pizza from Italic by Dustin Meyer.

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OUTDOOR features

bubble smallBypassing the Bubble

How some Austin restaurateurs are thriving in a less than stable market.



cake smallPainter of Cakes

A slice of cake never goes out of style.



dressed smallLet's Get Dressed

Great dressings, like great outfits, favor the bold.



seed smallSeed Savers

Keeping heirloom seeds for future generations.



hank smallTalking with Hank Shaw

Why deer make us human.



notable EDIBLES
El Talisman Coffee Co.
Hot Love Soup
Texas ProStart
AISD’s Breakfast in the Classroom

Erin Wade.

cooks at HOME
Kirk Watson.

Svante’s Ranch Direct.

edible TREES
Revisiting an old friend.

WHAT WE'RE drinking
with Outdoor.

edible GARDENS
An unexpected oasis.

hip girl's guide to HOMEMAKING
Recharging with homemade electrolyte drinks.

department of ORGANIC YOUTH
My life in food.

Sustainable Food Center
A real field trip.

Cooking over coals.