Publisher's Note

There’s no denying it. There are times when we just love to pack up and go. We travel for work, we travel for adventure and sometimes we travel just to get away from it all.

So why is a local food magazine doing a Travel issue? Because we love to travel and we know that you do, too. Our mission as an Edible Communities publication is to grow the local food movement wherever we are—raising awareness of the benefits and value of local food.

We know that when we travel, we can all be ambassadors for this message and honor the local food communities wherever we go. The places we visit, the people we meet and the food we eat at our destinations—or along the way—all present opportunities to find those hidden gems and support local farmers, food artisans, traditions and culture—and bring it back home.

The stories in this debut Travel issue cover a wide range of places and experiences. Our contributors are a travel-loving bunch! We explore our own backyard in Marble Falls, Rockport and New Orleans—proving that you don’t have to go great distances to reap the rewards that traveling offers. Chef Jack Gilmore takes us on a Texas farm tour to visit the places he sources food for his restaurant—teaching him (and us) a lot more about where our food comes from. Logan and Rachel Cooper recount their hunt for local treasures on their recent 14-month journey that covered three continents—involving drinking an elusive elixir and standing on eggs. A Texas restauranteur discovers a business ethos at a trade show in Italy that brings efficiencies to the food they serve to their customers back in Brownwood. Markets and cooking experiences in France, Peru, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey all yield inspiration for recipes that evoke other places and cultures but can be made with local, seasonal ingredients in your own kitchen, right here, right now. Travel sometimes reconnects us with family in far-off places or with food memories based on growing up somewhere else, as with Lucinda Hutson’s recipe “Hermila’s Chile Con Queso del Paso Norte.”

Travel allows us time and space to feel more deeply, think more broadly and taste more fully. We find our common ground as we celebrate our differences and expand our horizons. What we learn from other cultures, global cuisines and new experiences enriches our lives and our community at home. And, as we learn from Raj Patel’s new project Generation Food, quite the opposite is true as well!  Raj will tell the stories of how farming innovation in local communities around the globe will feed the world—one local, community-based solution at a time.