Ramen Tatsu-ya Chef Auction Dinner

In November of last year, Edible Austin threw our third annual Chef Auction as a fundraiser for food non-profits Sustainable Food Center and Urban Roots. Guests were able to bid on private dinners (either in guests' homes or at the chefs' restaurants) prepared by some of the most exciting chefs in Central Texas. Among the participating chefs were Tatsu Aikawa and Tako Matsumoto, the pair behind hugely popular ramen joint Ramen Tatsu-ya. The two chefs auctioned off an omakase-style dinner (a Japanese tasting dinner) for 8–10 people allowing guests to try special, creative dishes that are not available to daily diners of Ramen Tatsu-ya.

The result: A menu of dashi flights, pork jowel nigiri, kara age skewers and—here's the kicker—foiegramen (a playfully luxurious ramen with foie gras, wagyu beef, truffles and gold shavings). Jealous much? Us too. Fortunately, Ramen Tatsu-ya instagrammed the entire meal so we would know exactly how phenomal the private dinner was.


Tatsu and Tako are back at this year's Chef Auction! Read more here and see the rest of the lineup. 

Here's a photo re-cap of the 2013 private Chef Auction Dinner prepared by Tatsu and Tako:

Photos taken by digital media director of the restaurant, Chiai Matsumoto


Prepping for the dinner.


The menu for the evening. 


Course 1: Dashi tasting flight w/ kelp, flying fish
and snapper dashis.


Course 2: Citrus medley of confit kumquat,
beet puree and yuzu sage creme fraice.


Course 3: Sashimi moriawase with snapper, striped
jack, albacore, glass shrimp and uni.


Course 4: Nigiri with pork jowel and botan shrimp. 


Course 5: Cucumber with dashi, ginger, miso and
toasted pine nuts. 


Course 6: Oyster nabe with ponzu and momiji


Course 7: Shirako risotto with cod, grana panado and truffle oil. 


Course 8: Kara age chicken thigh skewers with
teriyaki, remoulade and Texas sriracha sauces. 


Prepping for the star dish of the evening, foiegramen!


Course 9: Foie gras ramen with wagyu beef,
ajitama, truffles and gold flakes!


Dessert Couse 1: Kabocha trio—dango with kuro miso, chips with caramel, kabocha custard.


And the Final Course: Mochi dessert—coconut mochi, azuki puree, kinako, purple yam ice cream, yam chips, mochi cake, pearl gels, candies. 

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