Bull and Boar

The terms “sustainable” and “comfort food” don’t always go hand in hand, but for Andrew Page, general manager of the new Del Valle eatery the Bull and Boar, they’re the mission of the menu. “The most popular things are the meat loaf and chicken-fried steak, and these aren’t slabs of frozen steak. We cut the bottom round ourselves, pound the crud out of it, and then, strictly to order, hand-batter and fry it.”
Actually, Andrew’s brother, John, fries it. Their mother, Rose, waits on diners out front and their father, James, tends bar. A family affair indeed, even the Bull and Boar sausage consists of Berkshire pork raised on the Page’s Peach Creek Farm outside Bastrop.

Both Page brothers are classically trained chefs, whose experiences range from fine dining to the US Army. “Not known for their ecology,” Andrew admits. “We wanted a sustainable restaurant.”

This means not only using local produce and proteins, but composting, recycling and relocating, rather than exterminating, an aggressive beehive next door. An eco-friendly methodology backed up by a grassfed and meaty philosophy.

“For thousands of years, people have been eating meat,” Andrew says, “and if people want to eat meat, I want to be the one who serves it to them.”

The Bull and Boar, 17097 B Pearce Ln., Del Valle
512-385-BULL / 512-385-BOAR • bullandboar.com