100 Pounds of Czech Picnic Sausage


Courtesy of Jim Petter. Used with permission from the “Travis-Williamson Counties Czech Heritage Cookbook”

Feeds at least 100

Special equipment needed: Meat grinder, stuffer attachment, smoker


Fairly difficult

100 Pounds of Czech Picnic Sausage


For 1 Batch(es)


  • 60 pounds venison
  • 40 pounds pork (boneless Boston butts)
  • 20 ounces non-iodized canning salt
  • ounces coarsely ground black pepper
  • 3 ounces paprika
  • 2 ounces minced garlic
  • natural casings

100 Pounds of Czech Picnic Sausage Directions

  1. Cut the pork and venison into cubes that will fit through the grinder.
  2. Place approximately 25 pounds of pork and venison mixed into a large container, such as a beverage cooler, and mix thoroughly with added seasonings.
  3. Repeat this process until all of the meat and seasoning is mixed.
  4. Grind the meat through a 3/16- or ¼-inch grinding plate and try to keep the pork and venison mixed while grinding.
  5. Rinse the casings in warm water to clean out any salt, and keep in warm water.
  6. Thread whole lengths of casings onto the stuffer nozzle.
  7. Place the ground meat into the stuffer and proceed with stuffing.
  8. Fill casings to approximately 24 to 28 inches long, to equal approximately 1¼ pounds in each link, before tying ends with string to hang on rods.
  9. Hang links approximately 3 inches apart on rods in the smokehouse or smoker.
  10. Smoke the sausage with pecan or oak wood for approximately 5 to 7 hours at a low heat of 130° to 160°.
  11. After smoking, cool the links to room temperature before wrapping to put in the freezer.

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